• Database Service Request

    Name * E-mail * User ID * Capstone Group Name * Project Summary Please describe your project and the datatbase requirements. Billing Tiers Database services count as 1 containerized service and are billed alongside other containers you have running. The lowest tier, 1-5 containers, is billed at $5/month total. Storage Capacity Database services are limited to 50Gb of storage per database. Capacity beyond this requires dedicated resources that would be created and billed outside of this service offering. PTAO * Financial Contact * Please enter the name and email address of your financial contact.
  • Introduction to Databases

    There are two main families of databases: Relational and NoSQL. Relational databases store information in an orderly, column, row, and table schema. They “relate” the tables together to present different views of the data. NoSQL databases are much less structured. This means they can store different data alongside each other – which makes things both easier to store but harder to query across. Relational Databases (RDBMS) Most users have at least heard of relational databases like: MySQL / MariaDB PostgreSQL Microsoft SQL Server Oracle Relational databases operate on the concepts of tables, relations, indexes, SQL, CRUD operations, and joins.