• Sensitive Data Transfer with Globus

    Login In to Globus and Choose Ivy Collection Disconnect your High Security VPN – it will interfere with the high security network that Globus uses. Open https://www.globus.org/ and sign in through the University of Virginia using NetBadge. Once you are on the Transfer Files page, at the first “Collection” type ivy to search. Find the uva#ivy-DTN collection and select it. You will then be asked to authenticate. Once signed in, simply click through the names of your shares until you find the source or destination for your file transfers. Navigate to Your Personal Collection
  • Keras on Rivanna

    Description Keras is a high-level neural networks application programming interface (API), written in Python and capable of running on top of TensorFlow, CNTK, or Theano. On Rivanna, we provide TensorFlow containers that include the Keras API. Since version 1.12.0, TensorFlow contains its own Keras API implementation as described on the TensorFlow website. Using Keras with TensorFlow containers Like TensorFlow itself, Python code that utlizes the Keras package can be run interactively as Jupyter Notebooks, in interactive shell jobs, or non-interctively as Slurm batch jobs. Rivanna provides several nodes with graphics processing units (GPUs) that should be used when running Keras code.