Below is a schedule of prices for Research Computing resources.

Rivanna Allocations

Type SU Limits Cost SU Lifetime
Standard None Free 12 months
Purchased None $0.015 (<1M SUs); $0.01 (>=1M SUs) Forever
Instructional 100,000 Free 2 weeks after last teaching session
** Non-UVA personnel are charged at a rate of $0.07/SU


Name Security Cost
Research Project Standard $60 TB/year
Research Standard Standard $45 TB/year
Ivy Central Storage High $45 TB/year


Ivy Virtual Machines

Type Specs Cost
Mini 2 cores / 2GB mem $4/month
Small 4 cores / 16GB mem $12/month
Medium 8 cores / 32GB mem $48/month
Large 16 cores / 64GB mem $96/month
Xlarge 16 cores / 124GB mem $176/month