Below is a schedule of prices for Research Computing resources.

Rivanna Allocations

Type SU Limits Cost SU Expiration
Standard None Free 12 months
Purchased None $0.01 Never
Instructional 100,000 Free 2 weeks after last training session
A service unit (SU) resembles usage of a trackable hardware resource for a specified amount of time. In its simplest form 1 SU = 1 core hour, but the SU charge rate can vary based on the specific hardware used. Resources like GPUs and memory may incur additional SU charges.


Name Security Cost
Research Project Standard $60/TB per year (effective July 1: $70/TB)
Research Standard Standard $45/TB per year (effective July 1: with 10TB provided to each PI free of charge)
Ivy Central Storage High $45 TB/year


Ivy Virtual Machines

Type Specs Cost
Mini 2 cores / 2GB mem $4/month
Small 4 cores / 16GB mem $12/month
Medium 8 cores / 32GB mem $48/month
Large 16 cores / 64GB mem $96/month
Xlarge 16 cores / 124GB mem $176/month