Computing Systems

UVA Research Computing can help you find the right system for your computational workloads. From supercomputers to HIPAA secure systems to cloud-based deployments with advanced infrastructure, various systems are available to researchers.

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High Performance Computing - Rivanna

A traditional high performance cluster with job scheduler, large file system, modules, and MPI processing.

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Secure Computing for Highly Sensitive Data - Ivy

A multi-platform, HIPAA-compliant system for secure data that includes dedicated virtual machines (Linux and Windows), JupyterLab Notebooks, and Apache Spark.

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Virtual Machines - Public/Private Cloud

Cloud-based computing solutions are also available in Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and our private cloud UVA Skyline. All three provide options for quick deployments, short-term lifecycles, and unique requirements such as GPUs or clusters.

Microservices and Containers

Do you have a containerized service to run for your research project? We host a platform designed for running fleets of containers independently of one another. This includes web applications, databases, specialized tools, and other solutions in support of HPC jobs.