High Performance Computing

Research Computing supports all UVA researchers who are interested in writing code to address their scientific inquiries. Whether these programming tasks are implemented interactively, in a series of scripts or as an open-source software package, services are available to provide guidance and enable collaborative development. RC has specific expertise in object oriented programming in Matlab, R, and Python.

Examples of service areas include:

  • Collaborating on package development
  • Reviewing and debugging code
  • Preparing scripts to automate or expedite tasks
  • Developing web interfaces for interactive data exploration
  • Advising on integration of existing software tools

UVA has two local computational facilities available to researchers: Rivanna and Ivy. Depending upon your use case, privacy requirements, and the application(s) you need to run, we can help you create an account and start processing your data.


Standard Security HPC Cluster

Rivanna provides a high-performance computing environment for all user levels. A majority of Rivanna’s nodes are Cray Cluster Solutions nodes connected by FDR (fourteen data rate) Infiniband, but there are also two nodes with NVIDIA Kepler K20 GPUs, several nodes with QDR (quad data rate) Infiniband, and quite a few older nodes connected with gigabit ethernet.

All nodes share a Lustre filesystem for temporary storage called /scratch with up to 1.4PB of storage space for all users. Each user is assigned space in /scratch/$USER with a default quota of 10TB of storage.


High-Security / HIPAA Computing Environment

Ivy provides a secure computing environment for all user levels. It is made up of two separate components, each HIPAA-compliant out of the box:

  • VMware virtual compute instances (Windows Server 2012R2 / CentOS Linux)
  • JupyterLab Notebooks