• Ivy Secure Environment

    Ivy is a secure computing environment for researchers consisting of virtual machines (Linux and Windows). Researchers can use Ivy to process and store sensitive data with the confidence that the environment is secure and meets HIPAA, FERPA, CUI or ITAR requirements.
    Facilities Statement - Are you submitting a grant proposal and need standard information about UVA research computing environments? Get it here. Overview Ivy consists of both virtual computing environments and secure storage. In order to obtain access to either system, users must
    Submit an account request, Complete the Information Security Awareness Training, and Ensure their personal computer meets all High Security VPN requirements.

  • Perl

    Perl Our VMs have Perl 5.16.3 available as part of the base linux
    VM. Licensed as open source under the GPL, it is most often used
    to develop mission critical software, and has excellent integration
    with markup languages such as HTML, XML, amongst others. Since it is both Object
    Oriented as well as procedural, it could be used within a multitude
    of programming projects. It includes built in database integration via
    its DBI module. Other than DBI, it has thousands of modules, making it
    one of the most extensible languages. Due to its interpreted nature,
    Perl is similar to Python and would be easy to understand for those