Preinstalled Rodeo on Ivy Linux VM

Rodeo Overview

Our Linux VMs are installed with Rodeo version 2.5, as of the last update. Rodeo is a lightweight, Python based, IDE for data science.
It has a very streamlined code-to-plot workflow, with easily extensible packages that make it simple to
analyze difficult patterns in data. It includes many data analysis features under one roof, and adopts features from
iPython Notebook (it actually runs atop the iPython kernel). Like most Python projects,
it is open source and available for free.

Launching Rodeo

You can launch Rodeo from the Applications menu. It is a self contained IDE that would not require any knowledge of the command line.
Rodeo can be used in the same manner as any other Python IDE such as iPython Notebook or Jupyter Notebook.

Basic Rodeo Usage

It is important to understand that all Python code, such as lists, Dataframes, etc. are saved to the
Environment. We then use the Environment tab to view our data.

E.g. if you create a Dataframe

df = pd.DataFrame(np.random.rand(50,3),columns=['col1','col2','col3'])

You can then open the Environment tab to view this in tabular form.

Command History in Rodeo

All commands can be viewed under the History tab

More Information

For more information, please visit the official [Rodeo website] (