Data Analysis Packages on Ivy Linux VM

Available Packages

The following Data Analysis packages are available on the Ivy Linux Virtual Machines


MATrix LABoratory (MATLAB for short) is a software designed for quick scientific calculations, such as matrix manipulation, plotting, and others.
It has hundreds of built-in functions for a wide variety of computations and several tools designed for specific
research disciplines, including statistics and partial differential equations.

* Limited licenses available, for more information on MATLAB and licensing, please click [here] (/userinfo/ivy/ivy-linux-sw/data-analysis/matlab)


SAS is large platform independent software with multiple components, and is used for statistical analysis, data ETL operations, as well as several other
reporting problems.

* Limited licenses available, for more information on SAS and licensing, please click here


Stata is a large GUI based data analysis software package. It is great for statistical analysis in a broad spectrum of research disciplines.

* Requires user to bring their own license(s). For more information on Stata, please click here


IDL is a programming language used widely in the areas of medicine, physics, and astronomy. Image processing can be performed easily on it.
Users can use it on the VM using its command line based

* Limited licenses available, for more informationon IDL and licensing, please click here

Apache cTAKES

The clinical Text Analysis and Knowledge Extraction System (cTAKES) is an open source system to extract information from clinical health records.
It uses natural language processing to extract information about the patient, drugs, symptoms, procedures, etc. It is an efficient clinical analysis
tool, and was specifically written for the clinical domain.

* cTAKES requires pre-installation approval. Please get in touch with us regarding your requirements before making a VM request.

For information about cTAKES, please click here