• Globus Data Transfer

    Globus is a simple, reliable, and fast way to access and move your research data between systems. Globus allows you to transfer data to and from systems such as:
    Laptops & personal workstations Rivanna HPC cluster Ivy Central Storage Lab / departmental storage Tape archives Cloud storage Off-campus resources (ACCESS, National Labs) Globus can help you share research data with colleagues and co-investigators, or to move data back and forth between a lab workstation and Rivanna or your personal computer.
    Are your data stored at a different institution? At a supercomputing facility? All you need is your institution’s login credentials.

  • Scratch Recovery with Globus

    Globus is a simple, reliable, and fast way to access and move your research data between systems. Researchers can transfer data from their old scratch directories to new scratch via a single web interface - no software download or installation is necessary.
  • Globus Command-Line Interface

    Install the Globus CLI The Globus CLI is available through the pip installer:
    If you have administrator privileges type
    pip install globus-cli Otherwise use
    pip install –user globus-cli The project is open source, so you can also download the source at https://github.com/globus/globus-cli
    If you would like to use the CLI from Rivanna, please follow these directions below.
    Authenticate using the Globus CLI Log in against your institutional authentication provider. In the case of UVA, we use NetBadge for signing in:
    globus login This will open a page in your web browser where you select your institution and proceed to login:

  • Data Transfer

    Efficient and reliable data transfer is a critical component of research computing. A variety of useful tools is available for rapid data transfer, whether you are transferring data from an external site or within different computing environments at UVA. Common Scenarios Transfer public or internal use data between local workstation/laptop and UVA storage Transfer sensitive or highly sensitive data to Ivy storage Transfer data between external institutions/supercomputing centers and UVA Transfer between Rivanna and Cloud storage The data transfer method you choose heavily relies on the data sensitivity classification, where the data are currently located and to where you want to transfer the data.