• RC Job Openings

    We currently have several open positions in our Infrastructure Services and User Services groups.
  • Mission

    Research Computing empowers UVA researchers to achieve more with cutting-edge computational resources. Our support team strives to create innovative solutions for researchers who need help solving complex optimization, parallelization, workflow, and data analysis issues. We build and maintain the University’s best computing platforms while educating the next generation of researchers on the power of advanced computing.
  • Research Computing Student Workers

    The Research Computing Student Worker Program is dedicated to supporting RC staff and advancing computational research at UVA. Through this program, student workers will undertake short-term projects, relieving RC staff of certain responsibilities and allowing them to devote more time to scaling support for complex, research-domain endeavors. This initiative not only benefits RC staff but also provides students with valuable exposure to high-performance computing (HPC) and scientific computing early in their academic journey. Student Manager: Gladys K. Andino, PhD, Strategic Services and Education Manager For any questions, please email rc-studentjobs@virginia.edu. Check out our Student Workers!
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