ACCORD Projects

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The fundamental organizing unit for your work in ACCORD is a project. A project consists of:

  • Researchers - a group of approved collaborators.
  • Storage - import and store 1TB (more upon request) of data for your project.


All Principal Investigators (PI) are carefully vetted and approved by the ACCORD team before they are given access to the ACCORD computing platform. PIs manage personnel for their projects, transfer code and data, and control their storage.

Co-investigators are also vetted before they are given access to the ACCORD platform. Once a co-investigator has been onboarded, they can be added to any project by that project’s PI.


Data can be transferred using the Globus federated GridFTP platform. The ACCORD DTN (data transfer node) endpoint address can be found once you sign into the ACCORD Console.

ACCORD user access is non-hierarchical and makes no distinction between various project personnel when granting permissions. All project members have equal access to project data, i.e. there is no priviledged user or access for any given project.


ACCORD users automatically receive 1TB of free storage with each project. Additional storage can be purchased for a fee.