Storage Request

  Create new storage share
  Increase size of existing share
  Decrease size of existing share
  Retire existing share

The size of storage to be created/retired, or the amount of the increase/decrease to your storage. Specify in 1TB increments.

  Research Project Storage ( $60/TB per year (effective July¬†1: $70/TB) )
  Research Standard Storage ( $45/TB per year (effective July¬†1: with 10TB provided to each PI free of charge) )
  Ivy Central Storage ( $45 TB/year )
Internal Use / Public Data
This storage platform is appropriate for public or internal use data.
Sensitive / Highly Sensitive Data
This storage platform is appropriate for highly sensitive data such as HIPAA, FERPA, CUI, etc.

Grouper group name under your Eservices user ID. You will have access to the Grouper management and will be able to add/remove users for your project.

This is the name to be applied to your shared storage space. By default, the space will be named according to the Grouper group associated with the storage request. If you would prefer a different identifier, indicate the name for the space.

For new groups, specify "This group will be used for Rivanna access" in the description section of the Service Now request form to expedite group creation.

Billing Information


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Please submit the form only once. If you receive an error message after submitting this request, please check your email to confirm that the submission completed.