There are a variety of options for storing large-scale research data at UVa. Public and moderately sensitive data storage systems can be accessed from the Rivanna high performance computing system.

Storage Directories

Name Quota Price Data Protection Accessible from Best Practices
/home 50GB Free 2-week snapshots Rivanna /home is best used as a working directory when using Rivanna interactively. SLURM jobs run against /home will be slower than those run against /scratch. The /home directory is a personal storage space that is not shareable with other users.
/scratch 10TB, 350,000 files Free No backups, Data removed 90 days after last file access time Rivanna /scratch is a high performance parallel filesystem that is suitable for large scale computational work. Data should be moved from /scratch for long-term storage. The /scratch directory is for personal use and not shared with other users.

Scratch Cleanup Policy

The Scratch filesystem is a shared resource available for the convenience of all users. Files on the scratch filesystem are subject to deletion after a certain lifespan as determined by Research Computing. Home account storage and purchased storage are not subject to this policy.

The current lifespan for scratch files is 90 days.

Request Additional Storage

Researchers can lease additional storage, Value or Project storage, for sharing public or moderately sensitive data within a research group. Value and Project storage volumes are mounted on Rivanna and can also be accessed from local workstations. Learn more about our storage offerings.

Storage requests can be placed through this form: