Request an Instructional Allocation

For new groups, specify "This group will be used for Rivanna access" in the description section of the Service Now request form to expedite group creation. You will need to add yourself as a member to the group in order for us to fulfill any allocation request related to this group.
Instructors are responsible for creating the class Grouper group and updating the roster for the chosen account through the Grouper portal.
If you have taught this same class before using Rivanna, select Renewal.

How many students are in your class?

What days/times does this class meet? Enter “n/a” if students will use the cluster at different times.

Estimate how many cores and how much memory each student will need to process his/her jobs. General descriptions are fine. A member of our user services team will contact you if we need additional information.

Instructional allocations come with 1TB of temporary project storage space. Class data and service units will be automatically purged 2 weeks after the class ends unless the instructor requests an extension. Read the full policy and guide for instructors.

Please submit the form only once. If you receive an error message after submitting this request, please check your email to confirm that the submission completed.