Research Standard Storage


Research Computing offers several budget options for storing public and internal use research data. Information Security at UVA provides details about data sensitivity classifications.

The Research Standard storage provides users with a solution for research data storage and collaboration. Members in the same group have access to a shared directory created by the team lead or PI. Group membership can be defined and managed through Grouper (requires VPN connection). Research Standard storage is mounted on the Rivanna HPC cluster and can also be accessed on a personal computer with an SMB mount, allowing for point-and-click file manipulation.

If you are not a researcher, UVA ITS offers Value storage for long-term storage of large scale data. More information about ITS’s various storage options can be found on their website.

Request Research Standard Storage

Research Standard storage can be requested for $45/TB/YR through our Storage Request Form. Users can specify the size and name of the Research Standard Storage directory and the name of an existing Grouper group that can access the space. If the Grouper group does not yet exist, please create one through the ITS Group Management System before filling out the Research Standard storage request form.

When your Research Standard Storage share is created, you will receive an email detailing your NFS mount, where ### refers to the specific volume number, and the SMB map \\\Grouper_group_name.

Note for PI’s creating a new Grouper group:

  • Specify “This group will be used for Rivanna access” in the description section of the Service Now request form to expedite group creation.

Drive Mapping with Research Standard Storage

Research Standard storage can be drive mapped on a personal computer to enable drag-and-drop file manipulation and transfer between your PC and your value storage share. Detailed instructions for mapping network drives on Windows and Mac machines can be found on the UVa Research Computing How To pages.

Data transfer

Public and Internal Use Data Transfer


Secure Copy (scp)

scp uses secure shell (SSH) protocol to transfer files between your local machine and a remote host. `scp can be used with the following syntax:

scp SourceFile

Detailed instructions and examples for using scp are provided here.

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)

sftp is a network protocol for secure file management. Instructions and examples for using sftp are located here.

Graphical Data Transfer Packages

Several packages such as Filezilla, Cyberduck, and MobaXterm are available for users who want a graphical user interface for file transfers. See here for an overview.

Globus Connect (Large Data Transfers)

Globus provides access to data on local machines and Rivanna file systems, as well as external institutions and facilities. Globus is well suited for transferring both small files and large amounts of data. More information on Globus data transfer can be found here.

File Manipulation and Navigation with Research Standard Storage

Research Standard storage is based on a Linux file system similar to storage spaces on the Rivanna cluster, including /home and /scratch. Users can invoke generic Linux commands to manage files and directories (mv, cp, mkdir), manage permissions (chmod, chown) and navigate the file system (cd, ls, pwd). If you or your collaborators are unfamiliar with some of these commands, we encourage you to take time to review some of the material below:

For more help, please feel free to contact RC to set up a consultation or visit us during office hours.